Pentominoes are made of 5 equal sized squares connected edge-to-edge. The standared puzzle consists of tiling a rectangle using all the pentominoes; the 8 x 8 rectangle will have 4 squares left empty.

You can use 4 of the pentominoes to construct a double sized version of a selected pentominoe. Solutions are possible for each of the pentominoes apart from the V and X pentominoe.

The triplication problem requires you to select a pentominoe. Then, using 9 from the 11 pentominoes remaining, make a shape which is the same as the originally selected pentomino only 3 times bigger.

Please select the puzzle you would like to play below.

On the play page, activate a pentominoe by clicking on it; you can rotate and flip it before placing it on the play board. Click on a pentominoe on the play board to remove it.